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Advanced Skills Training

All AGPT Registrars pursuing a FACRRM or FARGP (via RACGP) must undertake training in an advanced skill at some stage during their training. Known as Advanced Specialised Training (AST) for ACRRM and Advanced Rural Skills Training (ARST) for FARGP, these training posts are generally for a 52 week full-time term, except for Surgery, which is a 24 month term. For discipline specific curriculum information, please visit the ACRRM and RACGP websites.

For dual pathway Registrars pursuing FACRRM and FARGP (via RACGP) concurrently, your single 52 week advanced skills term will count towards both fellowships as an AST/ARST; you will not be able to do two advanced skills terms.

Registrars who are Rural Generalist trainees and are interested in doing a second advanced skill term, must contact their RTO for information on eligibility prior to applying to the recruitment campaigns for a second AST/ARST term. Second terms are not guaranteed, must meet specific criteria, and require prior approval from GMT. Please contact your local GMT regional office or speak to your local Medical Educator for more information.

Advanced Specialised Training (FACRRM)

Advanced Specialised Training (AST) is a compulsory requirement for Registrars on the ACRRM pathway. AST positions for the following training year are advertised to Registrars who may then apply for a position in their preferred discipline.

A wide range of ASTs are available including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  • Academic Practice
  • Adult Internal Medicine
  • Anaesthetics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics
  • Population Health
  • Remote Medicine
  • Surgery
  • other disciplines as approved by the College.

Please visit ACRRM Advanced Specialised Training for more information.

Advanced Rural Skills Training (FARGP)

The Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP) is a qualification awarded by RACGP in addition to the vocational Fellowship (FRACGP). FARGP is an opportunity for RACGP pathway Registrars to undertake an additional year of training in a skill pertinent to general practice in a non-urban setting. Those Registrars who elect to undertake a FARGP must complete a 52 week Advanced Rural Skills Training (ARST) term.

The FARGP year is ideally started once Registrars have completed their RACGP exams. GMT encourages and supports Registrars in pursuing a FARGP. For Registrars following both the RACGP and ACRRM pathways, and participating in FARGP, the AST and ARST terms are the same, with some additional requirements for each College.

For more information on FARGP, please contact your local GMT office or visit:

How to Apply

Registrars or future Registrars interested in applying to do an AST or ARST, should review the following GMT materials:

Find out more about GMT Registrar’s experiences with these AST and ARST advice and tips (PDF, 1627 KB)