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Academic Posts

Academic Posts

An Academic Post is an Australia General Practice Training (AGPT) Training Post in which Registrars learn academic skills through individualised learning plans with mentoring and support from GMT, often in conjunction with universities and the Department of Health (DoH). The Academic Post aims to provide exposure to research and the academic environment and encourages GP Registrars to incorporate academic work into their careers.

During an Academic Post, Registrars develop skills in research, teaching, project work and critical evaluation of research relevant to the discipline of general practice. Registrars will find these skills invaluable to the way they practice throughout their careers. Registrars undertaking an Academic Post will have the opportunity to:

  • contribute to the evidence on which general practice is based;
  • gain experience in research and teaching;
  • attend funded workshops and conferences;
  • disseminate their research in professional journals and at conferences; and
  • help build the foundation to become a GP academic or Medical Educator.

Some Academic Post Registrars will use the experience to prepare themselves for further postgraduate study in academic general practice (e.g. Masters or PhD).

GMT strongly encourages Registrars to consider undertaking an Academic Post during the course of their training on the AGPT program. These posts usually qualify as an RACGP Extended Skills rotation and may be eligible for ACRRM PRRT time or an AST. A combination of clinical, teaching, and research time, these posts offer a rich learning experience for Registrars.

GMT will support academic Registrars in undertaking postgraduate qualifications in teaching, research, or enrolling in Masters or Doctoral programs. Academic Post Registrars must have an employment contract with the relevant University and are closely mentored and supervised by experienced academics who will help ensure that they have a rewarding placement.

If you are interested in one of these posts, please discuss it in the first instance with your local Medical Educator. More information on Academic Posts is available on the RACGP and ACRRM websites.


Registrars wishing to undertake an Academic Post must be enrolled in the AGPT program and have completed their first six months of General Practice terms.

Incorporating an Academic Post into your Learning Plan

An Academic Post is undertaken as a 12-month part-time position (0.5 FTE). However, in exceptional circumstances, Registrars may elect to undertake a post over six months full-time. Registrars wishing to undertake a six-month post must have relevant approval from their GMT and College Censor before applying.

Academic Posts can be undertaken as a part of both college fellowships.

Applying for an Academic Post

Academic Posts are now managed by the Colleges. Registrars wishing to apply for an Academic Post should contact the relevant College as follows: