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What GMT Offers

GMT can offer you the opportunity to achieve a specialist Fellowship as a General Practitioner in three to four years’ time. You can pursue either the RACGP or ACRRM training pathway, or both.

As a Registrar, you will receive:

  • Supervised work training in an exciting range of locations with diverse patients and communities
  • Urban, regional, rural and remote training sites
  • Guidance and support from dedicated, caring and inspirational Supervisors and Medical Educators
  • Education and training at workshops and half-day release sessions
  • Flexible education, training and support through innovative online and virtual classroom education systems for those Registrars in more remote locations
  • Enhanced educational opportunities including postgraduate coursework and research
  • Pathways to fulfilling GP careers with adventure and real impact.

GMT offers diverse opportunities for procedural and practical-based skills training during Extended Skills Posts, Advanced Skills Training (AST) and Advanced Rural Skills Training (ARST) in disciplines such as Primary Care, Palliative Care, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Medical Education, Skin  Cancer Medicine, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Anaesthetics and Obstetrics.

Click here to learn more about your opportunities including college requirements and your placement.