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Medical Educators

Registrar's training with Generalist Medical Training (GMT) are supported by a team of passionate and dedicated Medical Educators.

GMT Medical Educators are located across GMT regions and work closely with registrar's towards successful completion of fellowship exams.

GMT Medical Educators

Cairns Coast
Dr Clare Jukka
Dr Lynne Reid
Dr Alison Tucker
Cape and Torres / Tablelands
Dr Peter Hickey
Dr Aaron Hollins
Dr Will Horwood
Dr Lara Weiland
Central Queensland
Dr Geoff Cashion
Dr Katie Ilott
Dr Peter Smith
Dr Amanda Tait
Central West
Dr Sarah Handley
Dr Luke Notley
Dr Ciara Ross
North West
Professor Richard Hays 
Dr Maureen Khan
South West
Dr Jillian Collier
Dr Rosie Geraghty
Sunshine Coast
Dr Shane Carlisle
Dr Sam Manger
Dr Victoria Steele
Dr Ruth Eagles
Wide Bay
Dr Cindi Jackson
Dr Drew Speight
Dr Nik Yim
Dr Amander Kasper

Dr Ciara Ross

“Growing up and going through medical school and registrar training, I had a lot of respect for some wonderful medical educators that taught me over the years. I always remember thinking I would really love to do what they do and inspire people the way they inspired me."


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