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Strategic Leadership Council

The role of GMT’s Strategic Leadership Council is to inform, shape, advocate and to assure the focus and integrity of what we are seeking to achieve through GMT. The Council comprises a mix of individuals selected according to a skills and experience matrix. The membership covers perspectives from north to south, coastal to inland, Registrar to senior GP, remote to urban and two GP Colleges, as well as health sector management, hospital training, consultant practice, academic medicine, and community.

To view GMT's Strategic Plan, please click this link.

Assoc. Prof Harry Jacobs (Chair)
Assoc. Prof Bruce Chater
Anita Hansen
Dr Denis Lennox
Chris Mitchell
Dr John Nugent
Dr Annette Turley
Dr Tash Coventry
Dr Denise Powell
Matthew Cooke
Dr Sheilagh Cronin
Dr Mark Wenitong
Dr Jane Williams
Dr Pattie Hudson
Dr Ewen McPhee
Dr Jack Maguire