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GMT Evaluation

James Cook University has a strong track record of leadership and research in several fields, including medical education. JCU is the first University to receive funding to deliver a GP training program and it is imperative that we evaluate our progress to continually improve our program for all our stakeholders, including Registrars, Supervisors, Training Posts and the communities that we serve.  The GMT program has been designed to incorporate formal evaluation of the program from its commencement.

The strategic intent for JCU through the GMT program is ‘better health for regional Queensland communities through excellent General Practice training' that:

  • is networked, collaborative and engaged locally with communities
  • is accountable for meeting priority community needs
  • is connected from medical school to practice as a capable and confident General Practitioner via a clear and satisfying training pathway; and
  • that leads to fulfilling General Practice careers that make a difference.

GMT’s educational impact will be evaluated using the four GMT strategic priorities from its Strategic Plan:

  1. Align the program with community needs across the region
  2. Engage in state and local partnerships through a distributed model
  3. Deliver the intent by assessing and communicating progress
  4. Innovate in delivery of a high quality, technologically enabled education program

As a GP Registrar training with GMT, you will be required to provide feedback on your experience of the training and assessment activities such as: orientation and education workshops, Half Day Releases, ECT visits, training environment, and on completion of your training.

The feedback process is highly important for the following purposes:

  • Mandatory College requirement for GMT to seek registrar feedback on training posts for accreditation purposes;
  • Provides you with the opportunity for reflection on your training experience
  • Guides GMT in developing workshop topics and/or placements that are relevant to your learning;
  • Aids continual improvement of the GMT training program;
  • Provides evidence for future funding support of the GMT training program.

All responses will be confidential and only analysed, reported and disseminated in an aggregated format.  We appreciate your participation in this important process to guide us to make any necessary modifications to the delivery of the GMT training program.

GMT Evaluation Committee

GMT has a dedicated Evaluation committee consisting of the Academic Lead for Assessment and Evaluation, Evaluation Officer, Associate Dean for Engagement and Strategy, Operations Manager,  GMT Director, Deputy Directors and the e-Learning Coordinator.  JCU GMT has been granted ethics approval to undertake this evaluation and the evaluation team is committed to working towards efficiencies of data collection and analysis.

News item

GMT had six abstracts on evaluation accepted at the WONCA (World Organisation of Family Doctors) 2017 Conference held in Cairns April 29 – 2 May 2017. Click the links to view the abstracts below:

If you have any questions regarding GMT evaluation or you would like to provide feedback or suggestions at any time, please email